The Key to Location Based Engagement – How to Benefit from the Exponential growth in Smartphone adoption

Smartphones and small devices are changing consumer behavior. These devices offer access to information from anywhere at any time and present an enormous opportunity for advertisers to promote their business or event in ways that have never been done before.

Todays technology allows us to triangulate the location of consumers down to a few metres and marketing companies have been promising a geo-targeted approach to their clients such as transmitting an offer or a discount coupon to consumers as they walk past a restaurant or shop for quite some time. However, consumers are not so keen on letting advertisers know their movements. Although new technologies and consumer adoption sees mobile location becoming a bigger part of a marketers arsenal this is a marketing proposal geared more to the advertiser than the consumer.

To succeed in location based marketing advertisers must use location to deliver value to the consumer as and when it is beneficial to the consumer. As Mark White of Locatrix states, “If an App is engaging purely based on location it will fail. What you need to be doing is engaging your audience, and engaging based on things, which are a combination of location, profile and content. And that hasn’t happened yet.”

YogoBogo is a Community Awareness App focused on ‘local community networks’ and allows businesses to build relationships with their customers and thereby also encourages more detailed location details thereby allowing advertisers to enhance geo-targeting. YogoBogo allows advertisers to showcase their business like no other App and post offers, events and sales in seconds so that it can be seen immediately by qualified users and help drive footfall to their physical store.

This allows business owners who are having a slow day or week to influence the sales on that particular day or week.

The company has invested heavily in the technology behind YogoBogo and has developed a compelling ‘product market fit’ to appeal to both the advertiser and the consumer. Ultimately, it’s all about creating an engaging experience for the consumer, which in turn becomes a win-win situation serving both the advertiser and the consumer.

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