Gibraltar Could lead the retail world. How? Mobile.

visitor with app in GibraltarAirPatrol’s latest mobile locationing solution paired with YogoBogo’s leading mobile marketing application opens up new doors for visitors, consumers, and merchants.

FEBRUARY 23, 2015 GIBRALTAR – Gibraltar is such a lovely place to live, work and play, but there are many challenges this haven combats such as in border control, business, and tourism.

Questions abound regarding tourism, business, and more. How can one truly understand how Gibraltar is used, how many people came, how long did they stay, where else did they go, how often do they return, do they cross the border, are they visiting on holiday, and perhaps most importantly, what is the synergy between the attractions and destinations?

shoppers with app walking down streetAirPatrol and YogoBogo have formed a strategic partnership to answer these questions. The joint solution is being displayed in Gibraltar February 23rd to 27th to introduce the ground-breaking technology.

“Retail destinations and tourism have been presented with a survival challenge, a need to adapt,” said Peter Emery, European Director at AirPatrol. “Location-based mobile marketing is the adaptation that gives Gibraltar’s businesses and consumers the upper hand and not only through relevant offers and analytics, but through creating an experience that will keep people coming back for more.”

AirPatrol has a unique mobile solution that not only sees every mobile device on either wireless (WiFi) or mobile frequencies, but also is able to follow the device throughout its travel. Boasting passive detection with complete unanimity, AirPatrol’s ZoneAware is formed on the security-based framework of their ZoneDefense solution so all privacy and security precautions are taken.

The recent partnership with YogoBogo extends the capabilities of mobile to those that Gibraltar can really benefit from. YogoBogo is a complete mobile marketing application that gives users instant access to local business information, events and attractions. The application enables merchants to connect directly to both current and potential customers delivering targeted promotions, messages and loyalty rewards through a simple but powerful dashboard with real-time metrics.

The combination of mobile locationing and mobile marketing gives businesses, tourist destinations and others the capabilities they’ve been wanting – the ability to send relevant offers to the right audience at the right time, based on their precise location. With detailed foot traffic analytics and reporting, Gibraltar can comprehend the impressive tourism vault it has become and optimize for future business.

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