Looking for a great night out – Eliminate the Guesswork

You’re out and about in your community, standing on the corner of Main Street – staring at your smartphone as you search for something to do after work. You’ve got a free evening and you’re meeting up with a few friends – a cold beer and a good steak sound ideal.

A few minutes later, you’re still searching… navigating the deluge of web links, pinching, expanding and swiping through an endless sea: they look promising, but fail to capture your interest.

Your search continues… you’re not settling for a quick bite around the corner.

In 2014, over half of all Canadian adults use a smartphone for exactly this type of search. And 70 per cent of them look no further than the palm of their hand – for anything.

There’s a new movement among smartphone users and it’s called ‘YogoBogo’. A few taps and you’re directly connected to the heart of any city.

Within minutes, you’re surfing the local community: restaurants, the arts scene, festivals and concerts, galleries, guest speakers, sporting events – what ever you’re looking for, YogoBogo is your guide.

YogoBogo is a location-based software app that’s specifically designed to enhance the way you experience the local market – whether you’re on the west coast, eastern seaboard or somewhere in between.

Imagine… you are directly connected to the local sights and sounds within minutes. YogoBogo is local, it’s mobile and it’s social.

Imagine the information sitting in your hand.

More than any other app in the marketplace, YogoBogo is specifically designed to eliminate the guesswork when sourcing local events, shops and services – giving you the best possible experience.

It provides pictures, panoramas, video, audio and virtual tours. Tap into the current live offers, read user reviews and ratings, access Facebook, Twitter and all forms of social media. Pull up web links, attractions, scan QR codes and explore a host of other features like the GPS guide.

Whether you’re out and about on business, for the evening or simply looking for something to do, plug into the app that’s going to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Connect with your community today; it’s a tap away. YogoBogo… where ever you go, you’re local.

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