Increasing Customers With Location Based Marketing


Consumers are disregarding the traditional world of marketing, ignoring newspaper and magazine adverts, fast-forward TV commercials and overlook web banners. They get most of their information, news and entertainment online through their mobile devices. On average a person checks their phone 150 times a day and spends almost 3 hours on their mobile every day. So, how does a small or medium sized retailer get their message in front of today’s consumers?

85% of people prefer apps over mobile websites – apps are more convenient, faster and easier to navigate – Compuware. They could create their own native app but the costs for a cross-platform app can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $160,000 USD plus annual maintenance costs and on average takes six months to develop Forrester Research.

Even if cost weren’t an issue, would users download a retailers or restaurant’s individual app? The answer is likely to be no as people need a compelling reason to download an app.

A Location Based Marketing App That Really Works for You 

There are a number of location based marketing apps like Foursquare and Yelp that offer users a mobile directory with reviews and include advertising banners. Yet these are are expensive for the retailer and fail to offer an engaging or comprehensive local experience of a city or destination.

However, now there is a location based marketing app that enables merchants to connect directly to their current and potential customers simply and effectively. Merchants can create offers, promotions, loyalty rewards or treasure hunts from any PC or mobile device and push notifications in real-time and target customers with proximity and micro-location marketing.

Local merchants are listed free of charge and are searchable, categorized and presented by distance with full contact details, GPS navigation and reviews. With exclusive offers, loyalty rewards, treasure hunt prizes, digital brochures, menus, media rich photos, videos, panoramas, virtual tours and social media links displayed through premium merchants. In effect displaying each business as its own comprehensive and engaging app within the YogoBogo app and importantly includes full analytics that measures results.

This ‘community awareness app’ not only helps merchants get their message in front of today’s mobile consumers when they are at the decision making phase of a purchase, but it also provides the end user with an up-to-date list of local entertainment events, lists and displays exclusive local offers, available loyalty rewards and Geo aware treasure hunt prizes.

Make Your City or Destination Mobile

Location based marketing app

YogoBogo is releasing and licensing it’s location based mobile app technology as a limited rollout in select cities and destinations for 2017. They can be licensed as both a white-label app or under the YogoBogo brand. Find out how your city, destination or local community can join this current rollout phase by getting in touch with us through our contact page.

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