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Local Business Opportunities

Do you want to be a part of one of the fastest growing sectors in the world? By 2019 mobile advertising spend will be worth $40 Billion in the USA alone!

We’re looking for people, organizations and associations that have a passion for their community. We currently have licensing and partnership opportunities in USA, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland & Scotland. If you are looking for a great local business opportunity that will garner a substantial income, help local businesses increase loyalty, revenues, sales & retention that they can track & measure while providing useful & relevant information for your local community then fill out our form below. We'll contact you to have an informal chat over the phone and discuss the potential business opportunity for a turnkey self-managed digital marketing mobile app of your city or town.

What are the business opportunities?

Our Turnkey business opportunity allow you to build & manage an interactive location based mobile city guide. Local merchants can be listed 'free' of charge and are searchable by keywords & categories & displayed by distance with address & contact details, GPS turn-by-turn navigation and reviews. While premium merchants - for a fee - are highlighted & displayed on top of search results, have a self-service CMS to manage their digital marketing & push notifications, offers, loyalty rewards, treasure hunt/quest prizes, digital brochures, menus, media rich photos, videos, panoramas, audio & virtual tours, social media links & even use proximity marketing to target loyal & potential customers helping them increase their sales & revenues while tracking & measuring all their digital marketing & loyalty campaigns. Find out more about the possible business opportunities in your area today!

Business Opportunity Managera

Fill out our form below & one of our staff will call you to have an informal chat about the business opportunities.

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