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Local Community & Shopping App Launch

Mayor Jamie Matthews joined local businesses in officially launching YogoBogo Petersfield this year. The new local community app allows all businesses to be listed free of charge. Business owners are collaboratively helping to market the app which in turn enables them to reach both existing and potential new customers through their mobile phones. Local consumers can find exclusive offers, available rewards,  treasure hunts and discover what's going on with local events and entertainment listings.

Community Town & Festival App

Community, Town & Festival App Showcase

Below is a small list of communities, organisations and festivals where YogoBogo LBS App has or is being used in promoting, marketing and targeting consumers through proximity marketing including Geofencing, Beacons. Individual businesses can utilise the power of YogoBogo to create their Offers, Events, Loyalty Rewards, Push Notifications and Geo Treasures and measure campaigns and view insights through easy to use dashboard and CMS system.  

Weyfest Music Festival App

Rockin' with YogoBogo

Weyfest Music Festival approached YogoBogo to help market both the bands and stall holders over the three-day music festival weekend through 17  – 19 Aug 2017. They received fantastic feedback and will be using YogoBogo again in 2018. 

They were able to welcome festival goers through GeoFencing, Used Geo Treasures for revellers of all ages to work out clues and discover prizes throughout the site and keep people posted as to the times and stages of band performances throughout the weekend.

Weyfest Music Festival App

Marketing Edinburgh Rewards App

Marketing Edinburgh Rewards App

Conventions Edinburgh part of Marketing Edinburgh announced the lunch of a new innovative city-wide reward app. Using the YogoBogo platform the marketing team are enabling Edinburgh establishments to offer the thousands of visiting delegates to Scotland’s capital exclusive discounts through the city app. Conventions Edinburgh are the first organisation to use this platform to encourage visiting delegates to discover Edinburgh’s wide array of shopping, restaurants and attractions.

The app not only provides a list of all participating members such as Harvey Nichols, La Garrigue, Tower Restaurant with photos, description, offers and contact details but also guides people that may be unfamiliar with Edinburgh with turn-by turn directions.

Weyfest Music Festival App
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