What is YogoBogo?

YogoBogo is a digital marketing & mobile app with a self manage CMS platform loaded with intelligent metrics that was specifically designed as a turnkey business opportunity that helps make SME's (Small to Medium Size Enterprises) successful. To make it easier & more effective for them to use digital marketing in order to reach & engage with their customers, build loyalty, influence purchase decisions & view, track & analyse all their digital marketing campaigns, offers & loyalty rewards through intelligent analytics & CRM to measure & build on marketing campaign successes.

When is YogoBogo coming to my city?

Are you an organisation such as a Chamber of Commerce, Tourist Office, DMO, Town Center / Downtown Association and looking for fluid & flexible digital mobile marketing application that informs, engages and pushes offers, discounts & proximity marketing? Are you looking for a turnkey business opportunity to run in your community or town? Then you send us a message through our business opportunity page and one of our staff will arrange an informal call back to discuss your requirement or available business opportunities for your area.

Is YogoBogo available on Android and iPhone?

Yes, YogoBogo is available on  iPhone as well as over 5,100 Android devices. Additionally we have been developed it for the worlds most popular tablet - the iPad.

Is YogoBogo available in other languages?

YogoBogo's allows premium Hotspots to display their text description in six different languages: French, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Spanish. However the  GUI (Graphic User Interface) is in only in English for the time being.

Is YogoBogo Free for Users?

Yes, YogoBogo is a free location based services App that can be downloaded for Free on both the Apple App Store and and on Google Play Store fro all Android devices.

Does it cost to add my business on YogoBogo

You can add a basic listing for free by going the navigation menu and clicking on 'Add Hotspot'. This gives you a free listing and allows you to include your contact details with a short description and a pinpointed GPS location on the map for people to find you. However if you want to utilize the full features such as including pictures, panos, video, offers, create a loyalty scheme, view visitor metrics and more contact your local Community Development  Manager or send us a message through the Contact page.

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