Location Based Advertising Apps – (an App within an App)

Impact of Location Based Advertising Apps

More and more businesses are realising that the only way to effectively reach out and communicate with both their current and potential customers is through their mobile phones – using a location based advertising app. Not only has the rise of our digital smartphones enhanced and transformed our methods of communication but smartphones have also changed how we search, share and digest information. Traditional media has seen consumer time spent on mobile increasing rapidly while time spent with all other types of media rapidly decreasing.
On average we are now spending over 3 hours on our mobile phones. (eMarketer)

location based advertising app
What’s even more interesting is that mobile apps account for 89% of that mobile media time, with only 11% spent on websites through mobile browsers
. (Smart Insights).

We know that restaurants, shops, local government, business organisation, tourist boards, and businesses, in general, see the benefits of mobile marketing & customer loyalty by engaging their target audiences with proximity marketing and loyalty rewards but there are two main issues that merchants face:

Location based advertising apps – (2 issues):

1. Cost:
The cost is out of reach for most small to medium size businesses but even if money was not an obstacle there is also the amount of time required to build a mobile app “Mobile app development is costly, slow, and frustrating 56% of mobile leaders surveyed say it takes from 7 months to over 1 year to build one app and 18% say they spend from $500,000 to over $1,000,000 per app. 50% of CIOs think the process takes too long; 24% cite it as a source of frustration” (Kinvey Report). So, some restaurants & shops have licensed a mobile loyalty app, retail app or electronic loyalty cards. However, that brings us to issue number 2…

This is where the real work begins – encouraging customers to download your app and most importantly get them to use it. So, your app has to show some real benefit(s) that encourages your customers to download your loyalty app, retail app or town app. Top 4 reasons that influence user downloads are:

Ability to earn loyalty or reward points for downloading – 71%
Capacity to receive app only coupons or discounts – 67%
• Receive a discount off first order – 64% 
• Customers that frequently purchase from retailer  -59%. (eMarketer)

Consequently, even if you do all the right things users do not want to download dozens of individual shopping, retail and loyalty apps onto their mobile smartphones from all their local shops and restaurants. Your app will either have to stand head and shoulders above not just your competitors but the big brand retailers and entertainment apps as all vying for their attention.

Why there’s no definitive community/town app – location based advertising app

definitive location based town appMany dominant players such as Google and Facebook have tried creating location-based local apps or local community apps or town apps but even with all of their unlimited marketing efforts were not able to do so and mainly, because their local community app model is simply an extension of their current business model. Which is to say they are fundamentally delivering adverts through either their social network app or search engine app. Now both of these models do have a place and work for a number of businesses and, have made both Google and Facebook billions but sadly they do not connect or unite a local community or town which, is why up until now there is still no defining retail app, loyalty app or city/town guide. Until now… YogoBogo provides this platform, a local location based app that promotes every single business and also helps communities by collectively promoting all local businesses, restaurants, services, shops, tradespeople, events, etc.

YogoBogo opens up a new world of communication & information, notifications and alerts through a digital marketing platform designed specifically for local government, merchants and businesses through one aggregate location-based mobile app. This powerful mobile platform enables each and every business in the city, town or community to promote and market themselves directly into the palm of their customer’s hand. YogoBogo’s mobile marketing application includes proximity marketing through Beacons (Bluetooth LE Hardware) and GeoFencing enabling both micro-location and macro location helping your city, town or community secure a powerful and effective smart city app.

How does it work?
Merchants can push time-sensitive offers to users within a specific area at the right place and at the right time (at the time of making a buying decision) and, more importantly, it actually measures performance by showing us real-time customer interaction, customer loyalty and conversions with a simple to use CMS. It also provides a Loyalty & Reward program within the app, which includes digital tracking for both the merchant and the user eliminating the use of printed loyalty cards. In fact: Digital Mobile Offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers. (eMarketer)  Furthermore, you can even track purchases made by users using the app through QR codes and all this within one ‘magical’ app.

The user benefits by having a complete digital directory of all local business and services in their city or town with full contact details, description, email, web-links, brochures, menus, GPS pinpoint & navigation and if they wish they can opt-in to receive bespoke special offers and discounts from their favourite restaurants, shops and services and can like or share their favourite shops on social networks to their friends. They also have free access to all the local deals and promotions that are available locally through the town app and they can also search for fabulous free prizes and gifts that are hidden around the town, which can be found by playing a treasure hunt with easy to follow clues that guide you to where these valuable free prizes are hidden in your community. This powerful location-based mobile app also provides users with an events calendar that can list and display all local upcoming events and entertainment completing a full array of keeping your community informed and connected.

Woman with penEssentially YogoBogo digital marketing platform is a location-based mobile marketing app that allows each and every single business or service to have a ‘mini-app’ within the ‘one’ app. Each ‘mini app’ has its own password protect dashboard where the merchant can manage and personalise all their content, PDF Files, Menus & Brochures, Email, Web Links & Social Media links, loyalty rewards, offers, proximity marketing promotions, geo-quest (treasure hunts) all through a simple to use CMS (Content Management System). More importantly, it provides each merchant with performance indicators through inbuilt analytic reports that provide real-time metrics of user interaction, user views, conversions and visits enabling them to measure their ROI.

YogoBogo’s unique mobile marketing platform assists local councils, town centre associations, Chambers of Commerce, Tourist Offices and DMO’s provide a significant boost town centres, commercial, business, tourism and retail sectors. Enabling them to make engaging and long-lasting connections with customers through proximity, context, timing and audience insights and helping them deliver engaging and effective campaigns that help grow local businesses and drive customer retention.

Additionally, it can also be used to assist in communicating security and terror threats to local residents, shoppers and visitors that unfortunately face our communities nowadays. It can enable local government or police forces to quickly create GeoFences that provide notification alerts to people that are entering Geofence zones sending them real-time notifications and information and helping to divert movement.

Licenses are now available to local councils, business organisations, town centre management groups, marketing/media companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for location-based mobile marketing apps or online digital marketing opportunities to promote and market their local community, town or destination.

To find out more you can contact us today.

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