Location-Based Apps Are Shaping The Way We Shop

Shopper with town app

The Marketing Landscape Has Changed with Location-Based Mobile Technolgy

The traditional marketing model has been flipped on its head through mobiles disruptive ascension.

Mobile adoption has passed the tipping point and is now a central part of everyday life with the average consumer spending over 3 hours and 20 minutes a day on their mobile device. (Digital Strategy Consulting) Most of their online information, news and entertainment is now accessed through their mobile devices and retailers are increasingly finding that connecting to consumers is more complex, time consuming and expensive than ever before.

Things Have Got Complicated.


Today’s savvy consumers are adept at blocking what they don’t want and pulling in only the information they want when they want it. The challenge in 2015 will be to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time without being intrusive. However, most retailers and marketers are trailing mobile habits and continue to use marketing channels that consumers simply ignore.

Nobody Resists Mobile Today

There is clearly a requirement for a hyper-local location-based community shopping app that allows retailers to connect with both current and potential customers. An application that connects a collective of businesses and allows them to market, promote and create loyalty amongst their customers with real-time reports on campaign successes, loyalty visits, rewards and conversions.

To Build Or Not To Build

There are a number of options that exist depending on the size of the retailer or organisation. For shopping centres, larger organisations and venues there is the option to develop their own location-based custom app. However, producing a quality app has proved to be very costly, slow and frustrating. The recent Kinvey Report identified that “56% of mobile leaders surveyed say it takes from 7 months to over 1 year to build one app and 18% say they spend from $500,000 to over $1,000,000 per app. 50% of CIOs think the process takes too long; 24% cite it as a source of frustration.”
Updates And Maintenance Are Common And Necessary

According to MGI Research, most mobile apps will experience at least four major update cycles stemming from operating system and device updates

mobile updates

For the average retailer or SME such costs and time are just unrealistic. Shopping centres, tourism or business organisations are not in the business of developing apps and many find their efforts ending up in the app graveyard.

Making Location-Based Marketing Affordable and Effective

YogoBogo’s new customisable white-label solution offers shopping centres, tourism and business organisations to brand and tailor the most comprehensive location based mobile app to their requirements. Not only does this save greatly on cost but they are also able to start leveraging mobile marketing right away.

YogoBogo’s mobile centric CMS solution enables retailers and organisations to turn every app install into a high value customer sending the right message to the right audience. Retailers can send message alerts, offers, coupons, event information or loyalty gifts directly to a customer’s mobile device, driving business and awareness. Moreover, with our introduction of iBeacons retailers will now be able to deliver the right message to the right audience at precisely the right time without being intrusive.

iBeacon with proximity marketing

YogoBogo is a hyper-local location-based services platform that enables merchants to use iBeacons and  proximity marketing while allowing users to access local information on shops, restaurants, events and offers and aggregates all the related information for each business from their contact details, offers, events, navigation, reviews, brochures, menus, websites, photos, videos, virtual tours, social media and other related information keeping the consumer engaged and within the app.

YogoBogo enables businesses to:

  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Influence consumers purchase decision
  • Understand which offers result in more sales
  • Reward customers who frequent more often
  • View full metrics and KPI (Key Performance Information)

Find out how YogoBogo can help your business or organization by contacting us through our contact page onYogoBogo.com..

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

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