Boosting customer engagement with location-based digital marketing

Location based mobile marketingConsumers are disregarding the traditional world of marketing, ignoring newspaper and magazine adverts, fast-forwarding TV commercials and skipping over web banners. They get most of their information, news and entertainment online through their mobile devices. On average a person checks their mobile phone 150 times a day and spends almost 3 hours on their mobile every day. So, how does a small or medium sized retailer get their message in front of today’s consumers? The answer is location-based mobile marketing.

85% of people prefer mobile apps over mobile browsers – native built mobile apps are more powerful, intelligent, faster, convenient, and easier to navigate – Compuware. They could create their own native mobile app but the costs for a cross-platform (Android and iPhone) app can start anywhere from $80,000 to $160,000 USD plus annual maintenance costs and on average takes six months to develop Forrester Research.

Even if cost weren’t an issue, would users download individual retailers or restaurant’s app? The answer is likely to be no as people need a compelling reason to download an app. YogoBogo is an engaging location-based mobile marketing app that enables merchants to connect and engage with their current customers and push loyalty rewards and special promotions and messages at a micro-location  direct to customers at the right place and at the right time. Our intelligent CMS enables merchants to view and analyse their digital marketing, proximity promotions and customer loyalty all in real time helping them increase both customer retention and profitability through location-based mobile marketing.

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