Proximity Marketing with iBeacons

Proximity Marketing with iBeacons

Proximity Marketing with iBeacons

What are iBeacons & Proximity Marketing?

iBeacons or Beacons are small BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices - small wireless sensors that communicate with Bluetooth-enabled smart devices such as iPhones, Android phones by continuously emitting messages/advertisements or small packets of data through its' BLE transmitter while allowing you to collect information on each smart device.

Our in-app features enable you to reach the right customer and push the right message at the right time and at the right location BLE iBeacons for accurate mobile proximity marketing. Analyse customer patterns, dwell times, measure performance, promotions, track conversions and customer retention & loyalty better understand your customers & increase your foot traffic, sales and revenue.

Push the right message to the right audience at the right time

beacons and proximity marketing layout

Mobile App Marketing Platform

Location-based service advertising works by leveraging location data to target the most relevant customers. A consumer’s location is the basis of triggering information or discount notifications which gives merchants a higher probability to drive walk-ins and convert them into a sale or increase their spend. YogoBogo enables you to not only reach your customers based on their location but also gives you metrics with deeper insights into your customers level of engagement and their location patterns and behaviours.

Merchants no longer have to gamble away their marketing budgets with old media platforms such as newspapers, radio and flyers that give little if any ROI (return on investment). The IoT (internet of things) is firmly planted in our society and has turned traditional advertising on its head. All major stores, brands and government use digital marketing to target customers more effectively and build loyalty. Now YogoBogo’s unique and powerful mobile marketing app brings proximity based marketing, loyalty app, Geofencing, city / town information services, events and more all under one powerful and affordable location based marketing app.


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Proximity Marketing is all about Loyalty

Merchants begin by asking current customers to download the app. When the customer is in the vicinity of the shop or enters that beacon's zone, the beacon will transmit special promotions, coupons and messages to your customers mobile phone

The probability of selling to an existing customer is up to 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer. –Marketing Metrics

4 Simple Steps to Successful Proximity Marketing

  • Send offers and discounts to a customer when near a product or a certain shelf
  • Offer rewards for completing tasks within the venue
  • Trigger a push notification or  offer when a customer is nearby
  • Then analyse the rich data and metrics to understand patterns, dwell times and review your marketing campaigns & conversions.


Get your message to your loyal customers when they are near your vicinity.

By using iBeacons or Beacons you increase customer spend as the digital marketing platform allows you to send coupons and promotional offers by push notifications that are near your premises (geo-fenc).

74% of Baby Boomers, 58% of Gen X and 41% of Millennials claim they would be encouraged to spend with a brand that has a loyalty program (ICLP)



The Beacon Marketing Opportunity (Facts & Figures  )

Consumers are ready but are retailers? This interesting infographic below from shows some interesting research on how  people are using their phones.

  • 65% of shoppers prefer using their mobile phones as their main way of gathering information while shopping
  • 65% of shoppers also trust their favorite retailers more than any other app or network with their location data...even  more than Facebook and Google

Zoom in on the infographic below to see more 

Beacon Marketing Opportunity

Proximity Marketing Mobile App Builder

YogoBogo brings a powerful, effective and measurable digital marketing platform into the affordable reach of any local retailer or business no matter how small. , we also supply the thinking and ideas about how, where and when to extend advertising concepts most effectively into the out-of-home space.

We help you to increase revenues, customer loyalty and engagement through an exciting multi-level digital marketing platform connecting you with the customers you want to reach and influence through mobile. And, most importantly we provide you with rich data and metrics to measure and review your campaign performance and ROI. Contact us today to find out how you can start creating your own location based proximity marketing app.

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