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Build a Town App or Mobile Marketing / Loyalty app for your Community [Smart City IoT]

building city or town app
YogoBogo opens up a new world of communication and digital information sharing for local government, merchants and businesses through one aggregate mobile platform. This powerful mobile platform enables each and every business in the community to promote and market themselves directly from the palm of their customer’s hand. Our mobile marketing application includes proximity marketing through Beacons (Bluetooth LE Hardware) and Geofencing, helping to direct your town or community towards a smart city app. Licensed to local councils, business organisations, town centre managing groups, marketing/media companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for location based mobile marketing apps to promote and market their local community, businesses and retail sectors.

Digital Marketing & Customer Engagement

Building a City - Town Centre Mobile Marketing AppOur unique technology provides users with live searchable listings to all local shops, restaurants, pubs, entertainment venues, public services, tradespeople and public venues tagging them with GPS and turn by turn navigation. This digital marketing platform promotes local culture, tourism and entertainment, highlighting and promoting local community events, exhibitions and open spaces and delivering current and relevant information to residents, shoppers and visitors.

Every single business listing can be sub-licensed to the individual business owner for them to easily update, manage and personalise their information, loyalty rewards, promotions, offers, vouchers & sales through a simple to use CMS (Content Management System). The CMS enables retailers to manage every section of their digital business, create offers, vouchers, loyalty rewards, push notifications using proximity marketing and get customer insights by viewing real-time metrics of user interaction, views, conversions and visits. Each listing is 100% customizable and displays:

  • Full Contact Details & Map Marker with GPS Navigation,
  • Email, Web Links & Social Media links
  • PDF Files, Menus & Brochures
  • Up to 12 photos, video or 360° virtual tour options
  • Audio voice-over

Communicate With Consumers with a Digital Mobile Marketing App

Out technology helps local government, town centre associations, Chambers of Commerce, Tourist Offices and DMO’s provide a significant boost town centres, commercial, business, tourism and retail sectors. Enabling them to make engaging and long-lasting connections with customers through proximity, context, timing and audience insights delivering engaging and effective campaigns that help grow local businesses and drive customer retention.

digital voucher - offerMobile Offers are Redeemed 10x More Frequently than Print Offers (eMarketer)

71% of shoppers say they would be more likely to use their loyalty cards if they could access these cards and rewards from their mobile phone (CodeBroker)

Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. (Smart Insights)

71% of consumers decide to join a loyalty program because of money off of every purchase and 63% for free products; these are the top two most attractive rewards to consumers (Oracle Hospitality)


Benefits of a Digital High Street to Consumers

Useful and essential information on local businesses, services, restaurants, shops, leisure and recreation facilities coupled with money saving offers, promotions and gifts makes this unique mobile marketing app the ideal way to promote any city, town centre or community. YogoBogo provides an engaging and interactive platform that helps local residents, shoppers and visitors find what they are looking for from shopping, eating, drinking, what to see, do and where to go along with all the best local promotions, deals, vouchers on offer in the vicinity. Enabling you to build an effective This outstanding digital marketing platform becomes an indispensable and valuable application for the local community almost overnight.

YogoBogo provides retailers the ability to increase customer loyalty, sales and revenues by engaging customers with relevant and personalised information right in the palm of their customer’s hands. Along with analytics and customer insights that can be accessed across any PC or mobile device that help improve a users shopping experience.

Users can search by keywords for any shop, restaurant, business, tradesmen and services. They can filter businesses by nearest to their location, contact them with on tap by email, phone or web, get GPS turn-by-turn navigation to their location and look for any special deals or promotions are on offer.

Promote Your Business Through Proximity & Geofencing

Proximity marketingRetailers, museum and exhibitions can also provide information on particular products, exhibitions or displays according to a customer’s location. For example if a customer pauses in front of a particular product or display they could automatically receive a message to their smartphone offering them a discount if; they buy the item today or encourage them to check out other displays and/or products you have on sale in another part of the shop.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is now upon us and everyone is talking about ‘Smart Cities) which essentially connects the digital world to the physical world through Wi-Fi, GPS, iBeacons (BLE) and other wireless sensors.

It’s All About Context, Timing & Customer Insights

Our mobile marketing application helps drive footfall and influence consumers by connecting retailers to customers they want to reach, with digital media and features that enlighten, entertain, engage and influence. We understand that it’s not just about the advertisement or promotional discounts but also about the delivery of relevant content that makes the YogoBogo platform a valuable application for users. It’s about about who, where and when the offer or advertisement is seen in other words it’s about timing, context and customer insights.

Technology and Data has transformed the commercial media sector like nothing before bringing location based mobile marketing into the forefront of digital marketing media

As a business loyalty application and mobile marketing platform and business loyalty application uniquely gives merchants the opportunity to also advertise to new people.

Providing Consumers With What They Want and When They Want It

mobile app - business loyalty programToday everyone is more connected than ever before. Consumers are connecting with each other every minute of every day day across countries, time zones and nations everywhere. They also want to connect and engage with shops, restaurants, bars and other local venues and services close to or at their location.

The infinite and creative engagement possibilities enabled through our comprehensive suite of mobile marketing features means that mobiles digital marketing reach and it’s proven successful ROI is recognised as the most effective and flexible advertising medium available today. YogoBogo’s mobile marketing platform brings that powerful medium in to the reach and affordability of any size shop, restaurant or organisation that wishes to promote their city, town or community.

Meeting the evolving marketing needs of retailers

The YogoBogo mobile marketing platform offers a unique way for retailers to integrate their offline marketing content into a digital marketing drive that increases reach, drives footfall and influences consumers by delivering the right message, offer or promotion to the right person at the right time. Utilising rich data through micro targeting (proximity marketing) retailers gain powerful customer insights into campaign metrics. These insight allow them to review and modify promotions, notifications and offers in real time, helping them build increasingly effective mobile marketing channels that generate direct results helping to influence purchase decisions and prompt purchases while encouraging brand discovery and engagement.

YogoBogo have built this digital marketing platform to enable local government, councils, business organisation, small media companies or entrepreneurs provide their local commercial, retail, tourism and business sectors with an effective and measurable mobile marketing app. Designed specifically to help promote the local economy, business and community while providing a valuable, informative mobile utility app for consumers that brings all local business and community information right into the palm of their hands when they need it.

Local councils, town centre organisations and marketers will also benefit from the rich data and metrics captured by location based insights, including date, time, location, conversion of dwell times allowing to get a better insights of patterns and behaviours and help optimise campaigns to achieve quantifiable performances which can measure the delivery of ROI.

YogoBogo’s platform has been developed and designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller cities, towns, town centre or business associations such as Chambers of Commerce and BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) or other local business, entrepreneurs and/or marketing organisations.

There is Unequivocally no better digital mobile marketing platform on the market. In development and testing for 4 years we have refined and optimised the features that make this city or town app stand head and shoulders above any other town app on the market. Natively built for iPhone, iPad and Android devices it is available to download for free on either Google Play or the App Store.

Become a Partner or Licensee

YogoBogo is not a franchise opportunity but a licensing or partnership opportunity. This exciting online business opportunity will generate not only sizeable earnings for you or your organisation but also help drive & measure local footfall, promote the local retail and commercial sectors and increase community engagement.
We provide you with all the tools and support you need to get you started to build your city or town’s mobile marketing app, loyalty program app, shopping app or community town app.

Contact us today find out more about this unique online business opportunity.

Build a city town mobile marketing app

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